You can help your Ford vehicle live up to its full potential with routine maintenance that focuses on key engine components and other vital vehicle systems.

Engine Services

Good engine care begins with regular oil changes. The moving parts in your engine create heat through friction and slough off microscopic metal shavings that act like an abrasive. Clean oil counteracts these destructive effects by reducing friction and encasing impurities. Over time, your oil becomes saturated with dust and engine grime. It also begins to break down, unable to provide the same level of lubrication. Fresh oil keeps engine components moving freely and protects them from prematurely aging.

Your Ford owner's manual lists the appropriate oil weight and type. If your vehicle takes synthetic oil, you can go 5,000 or more miles between oil changes unless you're using your vehicle for towing or hauling large loads. Your technician can offer some advice on the best oil change schedule for how you're using your Ford.

Engine inspections at least once a year will catch that wayward hose or failing gasket before it can ruin your day. Keeping fluids topped up can help you avoid an overheating engine to a dirty windshield. You've also got various filters in your engine, ensuring that fluids and air remain free from damaging contaminants. They all need changing on a different schedule, but your technician can often work their replacement into other tasks being performed simultaneously.

Necessary Brake Services

Brake pads at the end of their lifespan are noisy and leave no doubt it's time for service with their angry squealing. If you're in constant stop-and-go traffic, you can expect to need brake pad service closer to every 20,000 miles, but other driving conditions may allow you to push that date off to every 40,000 miles or more. Your brake fluid also needs changing every few years to ensure smooth operation. If you get air bubbles in the hydraulic lines or the fluid breaks down from contaminants, you'll notice spotty braking performance. You don't ever want to delay brake service, as it becomes a safety issue for you and your fellow drivers.

Services for Your Tires

Tires are so easy to take for granted on your vehicle because they mostly perform their job for years with very little maintenance, and in exchange, they give you a smooth, enjoyable ride and can lower your fuel consumption. You'll want to keep them in fighting shape with a rotation every six months or so to avoid uneven wear patches and by occasionally topping up the air should they need it. If your dashboard readout doesn't tell you your tire pressure, you can check it manually every month or two as part of your car wash routine.

How Our Service Department at Red Rock Ford of Williston Can Help

We stock Ford parts produced, so any service and repairs you have done at Red Rock Ford of Williston restore that aspect of your vehicle to its original state. Manufacturer parts use higher quality metals and components, making them more durable than third-party manufacturers that may choose a lower quality metal blend to save money. Our technicians also have expertise in repairing Ford vehicles, so your work will be completed quickly and competently. You can even schedule a visit to our service center with our easy-to-use online form. Make your next maintenance visit to Red Rock Ford of Williston to see why we're the best place in town for Ford service. Be sure to check out our service center and learn more about our dealership.

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